• Objection to Planning Application S13/0260 - Development of a 1,500 seat Football Stadium + Sports Education Centre on Ryhall Road.

  • The pictures in the following 4 slideshows were taken from a camera mounted at driver eye level on a tripod located just in front of the ‘30 mph ends’ road sign as you leave Stamford. The view is thus towards Ryhall, with Stamford behind you.

    Your attention is particularly drawn to Sequence 1 Picture 2, in which there are 4 vehicles on the highway, but 3 of these 4 vehicles are unseen. These vehicles are unseen because they are hidden in the dip.

    My Objections are as follows:

    1. The proposed road access is close to the low point in the long existing dip in Stamford’s Ryhall Road.

    2. This section of road is already unsafe, with many road traffic injury accidents, some of which resulted in fatalities. Please see further injury accident information below.

    3. It is unsafe because road traffic leaving Stamford in the Ryhall direction (and vice versa) is presented with a considerable blind spot.

    4. The blind spot makes traffic in the dip invisible to traffic leaving Stamford, and traffic in the dip coming into Stamford cannot see the traffic which is leaving Stamford.

    5. Likewise for pedestrians and cyclists crossing from one side of Ryhall Road to the other side. They are neither seen by approaching traffic nor can they see approaching traffic.

    6. The Burghley proposal will result in considerable intensification of the highway use, both for the Stadium user and for the daily College user consisting mainly of young people.

    7. The proposal adds considerably to the existing unsafe highway situation, and additionally puts pedestrians and cyclists using the proposed facilities at risk.

    8. I do not wish to see the intensification of use of this section of highway, which will result in more road traffic accidents, some of which may be fatal.

    9. I do not want to see young people coming to Stamford College and using these proposed facilities being put at risk of losing their lives.

    Further injury accident information: